Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring Inspiration
by my friends on the Artisans Gallery Team
1. Magnolia Bowl by OneBlackBird
2. Geometric Jersey Bib Necklace by LoveandDream
3. Wooden Chicken Eggs by ImaginationKids
4. Blue Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Earrings by Polestar
5. La Rose French Shoulder Bag by IkaBags

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Introducing: Hand Painted Earrings

I'm very excited to introduce my new Original Hand Painted Earrings!

Soon I will be offering studs and dangles in my shop. Here are my first few pairs. Keep your eye out for more designs soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Featured Artist - PeaseBlossomStudio

{Peaseblossom Studio}
Handmade Wedding Guest Book

I've "known" Caroline from Peaseblossom Studio for a while now. We met ages ago in the twitter/etsy circle, and I've always admired her shop as well as her sweet personality. I've been coveting a handmade leather journal from her shop for quite a while, and I finally got Nathan one for Valentine's Day. It's beautiful! The leather is so creamy soft, and the whole journal is so well constructed.

Caroline and I are on
The Artisans Gallery Team together, and I know I will be frequenting her shop whenever I need an affordable, sturdy leather journal.

When did you recognize your talent as an artist?
In interior design school. I excelled in all the projects that involved making things, and I found I liked actually making things more than looking at wallpaper sample after wallpaper sample. From that point on, I knew I wanted to make things for a living.

Do you support yourself with your art? (Is it your vocation?)
I don't quite support myself yet, but it is definitely my vocation! I am a part time nanny to my beautiful niece and goddaughter, which supplements my income from my art.

Tell me about your process when starting a new creation.
I usually spend a lot of time looking at new colors of leather or going through my existing paper supply (of which I have quite a bit!). I will find something new or something I forgot I had and that will send me in a new direction. I spend A LOT of time thinking about new products.

I know you dabble in other art. Do you have a favorite painting you have done?
I do! Even though I do not sell my paintings, I have a few I love. One is a folk art style watercolor of an apple orchard and barn that hangs in my kitchen in a very old vintage frame. The colors are bright and happy and I see it every day and remember back to when I painted it right out of college when I loved art, but had no idea that I would "grow up" to be an artist.

Do you have a studio? Tell me about your workspace.
My studio is located along one wall of my bedroom. It's a constant quest to improve the efficiency of it. Next on my list, a longer worktable. The colors match my entire room, which is sort of Ernest Hemingway meets preppy beach girl. I have a bulletin board over my desk, with all sorts of notes, small pieces of art I have bought, and other things from fellow artists that make me smile.

What is your main inspiration?
All the beautiful things of this world. I love describing the colors used in my work in terms of nature.

What artist (past or present) most influences your work?
There are two--Van Gogh and Monet. I am not a painter but I find myself wanting to pull out a certain color from a painting for my inspiration.

What is your dream goal for the next 5 years
-Where will you be and what will you be doing?
I will be doing the same thing! My dream would be to be known as a lifestyle brand of the handmade journal world. The next Martha, perhaps? :)

What is the most encouraging advice you have received as an artist?
There is so much! I have been so lucky to have many mentors and encouragers along the way. I would have to way the best piece of advice I have received is to persevere.

What is YOUR best advice to offer someone who wants to be an Artist?
My best advice is to be yourself. Really! There will be things that only you can excel at. Those are the things you should be doing!

Thank you, Caroline! Visit her shop here.

"A Fern Silhouette Hand Pulled Linocut"