Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Day.

I am having a very good day so far. This morning I drove my friend to drop off her car, so she bought me Starbucks. Then I finished up some necklaces that I was working on. The owner of Treebones Resort in Big Sur bought 6 "Yurt Necklaces" for the gift shop.

Here they are before I applied the clear coating:

I also finished up a necklace a HS friend ordered
for her little sister who loves foxes:

I also got a couple more necklace orders, and I started working on a new painting that I love so far! You will have to wait to see pictures of that.

I also got a painting in the mail that my beautiful sister Mary painted!

I have not gotten any housework or "real work" done today, but that can always wait until tomorrow.

God is good, have a wonderful day!


  1. I LOVE YOU! These are amazing. My mom and I were talking about how cool and talented you are on our walk today.

  2. Thank you, Nicole and "mom"! Encouraging words are always happily accepted:)