Monday, December 21, 2009

I Love Bull Terriers

As many of you know, I love Bull Terriers. When I'm driving and see one being walked down the street, I am known to make screeching halts, or abrupt and (illegal) U-turns so I can jump out and say hi. Bull Terrier owners never think I'm weird. They all understand because they do the same thing when they are driving.
I believe my love for Bull Terriers started when I was little and read the book "Boodil, My Dog" by Pija Lindenbaum.
Today my friend gave me a Bull Terriers Pet Manuel book by Carolyn Alexander, Barrons Publishing. There was a wonderful quote from it that I had to share. People who know or have ever owned a Bull Terrier will truly appreciate it:

"The Bull Terrier has a curious persona that includes the occasional dance of joy, when he sprints about the house or yard in complete abandon and then suddenly stops and grins. Some call these maneuvers 'Bully Runs' and they are remarkable for their intensity, short duration, and lack of damage caused. Many will seem to lightly prance when a tablecloth or branch of a bush brushes their backs as they walk under it. The Bull Terrier is a dynamo and a darling. Most play like a tomboy one minute and next they are gathering up the softest pillows for a nap."

Or, as John Steinbeck so aptly put:

"I have owned all kinds of dogs, but there is one kind I've always wanted and never had. I wonder if he still exists. His muzzle was pointed and his eyes triangular, so his expression was that of cynical laughter. He was friendly and not quarrelsome but forced into a fight he was very good at it. He had a fine, decent sense of himself and was never craven. He was a thoughtful, inward dog, and yet he had enormous curiosity. He was heavy of bone and shoulder. He had a fine arch to his neck. His ears were sometimes cropped, but his tail never. He was a good dog for a walk. An excellent dog to sleep beside a man's bed. He showed delicacy of sentiment. I have always wanted one of him. I wonder whether he still exists in the world?"


  1. Betcha never thought I'd be the first to comment on this! Cute post, cute quotes, cute Margito

  2. So sweet, Heather! Margo sounds like the perfect companion.

  3. I am a first time owner of a pure white bull terrier. Thats it the only dog for me now. Loved your post, so true. My bull terrier also loves raw carrots and apples and bananas, they send her leaping all over the house like a spring lamb.

  4. Anonymous - I love your description! Thank you for your comment :) I LOVE hearing from other BT owners. Margot loves carrots, apples and bananas too! I'm going to give her some carrots right now...

  5. Aren't dogs grand? You can go outside for 3 seconds and they greet you like royalty returned from an extended vacation.

    The sad thing about Bull Terriers is that there are some cities putting them on a "list" of menace to society dogs, like Pit Bulls. It's making insuring homes or living in apartments difficult for those people. I hate it when dog breeds are black listed. Owners should be black listed instead, since they are the ones who ruin dogs or make them dangerous.

    Anyhoo, thought I'd go activist for a minute. I think you, Heather, would make a great advocate on behalf of the beloved Bullies of the world!

    Is there a food dogs don't love? If my dog knows it's "human" food it's all gold to him--he does "spring lamb" leaps all over the house for any tidbit of human food!


  6. Just came across your site through twitter! Love this post and Margot is so cute! I used to have a solid white Bully and now have a solid brindle. You're so right about Bully owners. I've almost witnessed so many deaths as people cross the street or nearly cause accidents to say hi to my guy. Are you part of the "English Bull Terrier Fans Unite" group on facebook? I'm sure that you could sell a few necklaces over there.

  7. Hi Lauren! Thank you for the comment :) I'm going to check out that fan page right now! I'm following you back on twitter.

    I have almost gotten in so many accidents myself hahaa. And given many'a people whiplashes because of Margot.

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