Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Giveaway

Happy Thursday, my friends!
It's time for the JANUARY GIVEAWAY and I assure you, it's the BEST ONE YET!
One lucky winner will recieve:
1 Custom Necklace of your choice!
Yes, that's right. Maybe you want one of your dog? Your favorite flower? A chimpanzee? A sloth? A kitten in a bucket? You name it, it's yours FREE!
This is what you have to do:
1) If you are one of the lucky people who already own one of my necklaces and want another one, email me a silly picture of you wearing the necklace you already have (, and then leave me a comment below. Let me know if you do not want me to post the picture on my blog.
{the sillier the better}
2) If you do not yet own one of my necklaces, but really really want one, leave me a poem in the comment section about what you would want on your necklace.
{make sure it's a poem}
And that's it! That's all you have to do.
You have from 1/21 until 1/31


  1. ok heather....
    hanging, dangling
    little treat
    having one would
    make me complete

  2. I want a necklace.
    A pretty sunflower please!
    That would be awesome.

    Haikus are poems, right? :)

  3. Here is a poem someone sent me via email, but I wanted to share with you, and enter it here for her:
    Which do I choose?
    I can't make up my mind!
    I don't think I can loose,
    because I like each one I find.

    I talked today with you,
    and found out what I need to do.
    So, I'd like to place an order,
    for the ones with the lacy bronze border.

    I'd like a cute cupcake
    for my dear friends sake,
    in maybe pink and brown,
    it will surely not make her frown.

    I'd also like to see
    a photo of the windmill you made,
    to make sure it's the best one for me!
    I also love the fact they are all handmade!

  4. Here is another (Wonderful) poem that was emailed to me by Kellie:

    I just can't sleep trying to think of this poem.

    Do I want a necklace with a hot air balloon or a cute little gnome?

    So many tiny pictures running through my head, as I anxiously lie here in my bed.

    It will be like christmas when I win the contest, except I won't be wearing my
    ugly sweater vest.

    Instead I'll be styling with my chain around my
    neck, holding my cute tiny picture of maybe a peck.

    I can't wait to receive this package that has been sent, by the talented artist
    heather kent!!

    Thanks that was fun none the less, now I will go get some rest ;)
    Kellie swier

  5. Here goes nothing! Hope you like it!

    Oh Heather, Oh Heather
    Oh how can it be
    I've lived all theses years
    without your necklace on me

    They dangle so nicely
    and have original class
    So unique and well made
    hung beautifully in brass

    Which one should I choose
    now that is the question
    an owl, a tree
    oh I need a suggestion

    It's time to decide
    and that's a dilemma
    They are all so fantastic
    blah, blah, blah shimella!

    I've written a poem
    and buttered you up
    oh what should I choose
    can you paint me a cup?


  6. I'm picking out a daisy for you..not a ordinary daisy will do...but the prettest daisy I can find..with white and yellow to suit you just fine! I'm picking out a daisy for you...and maybe a little posy or two..and what else can I on me you'll rely...a black-eyed susan too!

  7. Heather, the poem sounds better if you kinda sing it. Paula

  8. Okay Heather--you know the poem had me stumped! So I begged my daughter (much more a poet than me) to do it for me! Here's Caitlin's poem:

    Hedgehog, cute, prickly, and with a face so sweet
    Is the necklace I would like for my treat!

    My hedgehog friend and I would be together day and night,
    Because you've matched us up just right.

    Pick me, pick me, pick ME please,
    Me and my hedgehog won't be united without your expertise!

    by Caitlin McCraney


  9. A plum rose with paisley I want,
    A plum rose with paisley I need,

    I hope that though this is
    just a tiny little poem,
    a stunning idea it will seed.

    Jennifer xoxo

    ps sorry I suck at poems

  10. I would love a necklace from you
    a peace sign painted by hand

    Partly because I just love them
    But, mostly because of the brand! (HK)
    :) Shannon

  11. oh my dearest heather kent.
    our fun summer days have come and went.
    we had fun over in rome
    but oh the fun we can have at home:
    being crafty and cute
    maybe i'll relearn to play the flute
    how my days would be complete
    if around my neck to have a sweet
    unique creation from a friend
    i'd wear it 'til the end
    oh wouldn't it be quaint
    if my own necklace you did paint
    a necklace i would love
    my border collie sage it would be of
    perfectly capturing her wonder
    i know you wouldn't blunder
    for this creation i'd even pay
    i don't even have to say
    your pieces are works of art
    each one created from the heart :)

    love ya heather!

  12. Click the link (You might have to copy and paste it, but it's worth it!) to see Hammy the Bull Terrier wearing his custom necklace. Thanks, Lisa for the picture!

  13. Copy and paste this link to see KB's Awesome photo!

  14. Here is my poorly written poem. I haven't written a poem since grade 7 (over 9 years ago)! I love the necklace of the white Bully that you did. I'd love to win one of my brindle boy!

    I love my Bull Terrier,
    the more the merrier,
    he is the love of my life,
    I am somewhat like his wife,

    I cook all his meals,
    he has his own wheels,
    we go on great trips,
    and he has kissable lips,

    I would like to win a necklace,
    because Tazz makes me breathless,

  15. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I love my four necklaces
    Painted by you.

  16. Another amazing poem sent to me:

    The Sight of the Town

    They show up everywhere
    Everywhere that you look
    So colorful, so original
    They grab you like a hook

    They are useful to all
    A multi-tasking accessory
    A conversation-starter
    A stylish necessity

    Each picture is hand-painted
    And gives insight about
    The person who’s wearing it
    Helps you figure them out

    What they find important
    Or things they enjoy
    A hobby, an interest,
    What gives them real joy

    And the artist who makes them
    Is talented, no doubt
    She gives God the glory
    And enjoys spreading about

    What she can offer
    To allow you to wear
    Something that, as a bonus
    Doesn’t wrinkle or tear

    You don’t have to worry
    That it will even dent
    No, this is quality stuff -
    Art by Heather Kent!

    I’d love to join the crowd
    Of those people who wear
    Heather’s special necklaces
    So my neck won’t be bare

    A piano, little palm tree,
    A beautiful red rose
    It would be hard to choose
    But it’d be one of those!

    by Lisa Dorn

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  18. I like The Sounders FC
    More than the deep blue Sea
    So please put it on a necklace for me.

  19. A Haiku entitled
    Life as a Somewhat Disorganized Soul

    One peacock feather
    painted daintily by you
    Lost, not forever?