Monday, September 13, 2010

Studio Space

Like most crafty people,

I love seeing other people's studio spaces. I love seeing where artists work, and how they've organized their spaces to be functional and inspirational.

My studio is a constant work-in-process, but I thought I would share photos of where I spend most of my day. I was inspired to do a blog update about this after seeing Jennfunique's Craft Room Inspiration post as well as TilleyJewel's post portraying her creative use of space.

Above is a view of the whole room. I have 2 banquet tables along the wall as my work space separated into "necklace space" and "painting space".

Above is a closer look at my "Necklace Space".

My computer monitor is always handy so I can respond to emails, receive orders, and of course tweet.

Obviously I love boxes and compartments. These are the shelves above my necklace station. My cords and chains hang on the hooks, and the cigar boxes hold extra supplies like thank you notes, organza bags, business cards, etc. My mom made that cute little bird stuffed animal, and Nathan painted that avocado.

This is what I see right in front of me. All those compartments hold different supplies I need on a daily basis. Everything has it's own little space.

Here's a close up of part of the hutch. I have my business cards, stamps, post-it notes on the left. The Roi-Tan cigar box holds my organza bags, and the box underneath is full of blank thank-you notes.

To the left of my necklace station is where my shipping supplies are. I got that awesome wood box that holds the gift wrapping from RecycledBrooklyn, a fantastic etsy shop. What can I say, I'm a little obsessed with boxes and compartments.

My 3 most-used tools.

This is a little box that holds my paints. I used to collage boxes all the time, and this is one of the ones I held onto. Perfect size to hold some of my paints.

This is how I've easily organized my pendants. As soon as one size starts getting low, I refill it from one of the cigar boxes that holds the rest.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my craft space, I would LOVE to see yours! If you have a blog post about your space, post it in the comments. If you don't have a blog post about your space, go type one up and then leave the link in the comment:)


  1. Oh I love stalking artist work spaces! Thank you for sharing yours, Heather! (I too LOVE compartments... sometimes too much as I often forget where I have put something!)

  2. fantastic! thank you for sharing your space. Is that "K" mug from UO or Anthropologie??? it looks familiar. :)

  3. What a comfortable space Heather...looks cozy!