Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Break

Summer Break!

I announced on my Facebook Page that I would be putting my shop on "Vacation Mode" for the whole month of June. Everyone has been very interested and curious as to WHY I would do that. It's definitely unusual to take a month off from your job. I thought I would explain here as to why I am closing up shop for the month of June.

First of all, like most people, Nathan gets 2 weeks of vacation time each year. Unlike most jobs, he has to take his 2 weeks of vacation consecutively. That means this is his only vacation time for the entire year, and I don't want to be working the entire time he is off. We are going camping for part of that time, and are really looking forward to that! We haven't been on any sort of vacation for a year.

At the end of the month, my mom and I are going out of time to visit my sister and her family for a week, yay!

Needless to say, I won't be home for most of the month. During the days I am home, I will be working hard to create lots of new goodies for the shop!

June 7th is our 3 year anniversary!
Here is a flashback from our wedding day on


  1. Have fun! I hope you'll still be "around" !! :)

  2. Good for you! Everyone needs a nice, long vacation to build up energies for the rest of the year. Enjoy!

  3. June is a great month for vacation! Even better, most of people have to work and so nothing will be crowded.
    Enjoy your holidays!