Saturday, October 31, 2009

Featured Artist - Regan Tausch


"Hot Air Ballooning"
I'm happy to say I had the opportunity to "interview" my first featured artist on this blog! I hope you enjoy reading about the very talented Regan Tausch.
Tell me a little bit about yourself:
I paint with acrylic on canvas. I developed my style of Folk Art over 12 years ago and have been painting my whimsical scenes ever since. I love to paint things that inspire me like horses, angels, seascapes, and country scenes. I especially enjoy painting historic places and people , as I did for the Oyster Bay Historical Society in 2003. I have prints of that painting called Keziah's Kiss available on etsy. I have and still except custom work and I donate some of my Art, as I did this year for Relay for life for cancer. As well as selling my Art online at etsy I also sell my Art at the Nassau County Museum of Art in the Gallery Shop, for anyone in the Roslyn NY area who would like to see my Art in person.I little about my interests and hobbies -I love folk music and blues and play the guitar and sing as well as enjoy many musicians, like Neil Young and Jorma Kaukonen. I love the outdoors, from the mountains to the beach. In my younger days I was a professional equestrian including a few years as a trail guide on horseback in the Adirondack Mountains. Many of Country scenes and horse paintings are inspired by those memories.
When people ask, "So like, what kind of art do you do?", How do you explain it to them?:
I paint folk art or primitive art also known as americana or niave art. It also leans a little toward surreal, I think. folk art is self taught art. I taught myself to paint, developed my style over a series of trials and errors at the easel.
How did you get started as an artist?:
Well , I was always artistic, but I didn't always like my painting. I started dabbling in the arts again via crafts after I had children in 1989. I started with ornaments and then dolls and bears, I eventually made my own patterns. I moved onto scrap quilting and then painting and painting stuck. I started selling Art in 1995, and I have sold over 200 paintings so far!
What is your biggest daily inspiration?:
Everything, coffee + music, family, sunrises ( I live near the beach can see sunrise every AM) history, and mostly , I count my blessings and enjoy life, and I paint.
Who are your favorite artists?:
Joan Miro', Salvador Dali, Cate Mandigo, and then pretty much the artist Im looking at at the time - there are so many talented artists I could look at new art everyday and never run out of surprises.
Do you have a favorite painting you have done?:
My favorite small painting is called Keeping Warm - 2 horses in the snow only 4x5 inches ! - It sold this year at the Museum in Roslyn. My favorite large painting is Bayville fourth of July, its on my etsy shop . It depicts fourth of July on the shore of Bayville . I like the scene that tell a story mostly - I like to paint lots of details into them so there's always something fun to look at.
What advice do you have for young artists starting to pursue their dream of art?
Humm...hard to say - I feel I still need advice. So far I have learned to follow your heart, love, believe in yourself, and make as much art as you can.

"Giraffe Family Under the Acacia Trees"

Check out more of Regan's beautiful art:


  1. HEY!
    I love this artist! My favorite is Whimsical Winter Scene (on her etsy)

  2. Wow, that's really cool that she started painting on her own and just taught herself! Those are some really cool paintings! I especially like the giraffe ones (took a glance at her etsy page) :)

  3. Beautiful! She is an Inspiration. Very Talented Artist.

  4. A very nice story. I enjoy reading about other artists and the techniques they use. I have looked at her site.

    Love the birds.

  5. Thank you everyone! Yes she is quite talented, isn't she?

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my Art !

    I'm glad you like your painting!

  7. This is my auntie Regan... she used to do tiny and wonderful oil paintings on the river rocks from our backyard... She also plays the guitar and we kids loved it when she sang puff the magic dragon to us as she strummed the guitar. I am so proud of her=)!!! I'm beaming! <3 Mia