Monday, November 2, 2009

Necklace Prices

It's been about 2 1/2 months since I started making my Hand Painted Necklaces and I'm excited to say I've made over 200 and sold nearly the same amount, give or take 50.
So far I've been very happy with how they have all turned out, and it's so rewarding to see how much people love their necklaces, and how many return to order more. These things are addicting.
As any new business, I have done (and will continue to do) my share of "trial and error", and have had to make slight changes. Well, I need to make a slight change in the "Special Order Necklaces". My necklaces will remain $18 for the large size and $15 for the small size, but Special Orders will now cost an additional $2.
Bottom line, Special Orders take more time and supplies, and from a business standpoint, it's not economical to charge the same price. I'm sure you all understand. No matter where you go, you will pay extra for special orders. My friend used to work at a bakery, and one could get 2 customized cookies for the price of 1 of my necklaces. Wow.
Understand, I absolutely LOVE doing special orders, and I know that it is one thing that makes my necklaces so special! I am thankful and excited for each special order I receive!
$2... I think the rule is to use a coffee analogy at this point... Um.. You can't even buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks for that much!
(This obviously doesn't apply to special orders that are already in.)
THANK YOU, everyone! Have a wonderful day! Feel free to leave encouraging comments.


  1. encouraging comment: Keep up the good work!!
    You're quite an inspiration to me!

  2. Heather, It was so nice to see you at the Harvest Festival on Friday. I love your little pieces of art! I wish you the best.


  3. Thank you!! And I had fun looking through your jewelry!