Monday, November 9, 2009

November Giveaway! 11/9-11/30

The long awaited November Giveaway has finally arrived! There are several ways for you to enter to win this original 4x6 watercolor painted by Yourstruly :). You can choose one or all the ways to enter! I will randomly select a winner on Monday 11/30.
Ways to win, and the number of times your name will be entered for each one listed below. [For example, if you order 2 necklaces, feature me on your blog, and leave a comment, your name will be entered 7 times.]

1. Leave a comment below with your favorite joke (clean) or your most ebarrassing moment. (1x)
2. Buy/order a necklace (or painting) and mention "Red Hen". (Sorry, only applies to necklaces ordered between 11/9 and 11/30) (2x each necklace)
3. Refer a friend to order a necklace (or painting) and mention "Red Hen" (2x each)
4. Mention me in your blog or website and send me a link. (2x)
Remember! You have from Monday 11/9 until Monday 11/30 to enter to win! This painting is framed and will be absolutely FREE! (But if you feel inclinded to pay for shipping if applicable, I won't stop you)


  1. Here's my favorite joke:

    When I went to Starbucks for coffee they lied. It wasn't Starbucks, it was four bucks!

    Louisa Hermann

  2. Great idea! I'm going to buy another necklace!

  3. What do you get when you cross a river at night?

    Wet feet

  4. In middle school we were visiting the State Capital (in IL) and I ran into a glass wall and broke my nose.

    *I got a theme song after that*

  5. How do crazy people get through the forest?

    They take the psyco path!

    Hope I win that darling picture!

  6. Ooops...that would be psycho...with an h.

  7. Heather: this looks like Sandy's yard...her chickens and her clothes hanging to dry. She loves chickens...and who hangs out clothes but the Hoff's.....Carla

  8. Most embarrassing day. I wrecked my car on a first date got a rental went to the movies and proceeded to spill a large soda all over my crotch then had to walk out of the theatre looking like I peed myself. Your right their was no second date.